Arrrr Matey! You’re Throwing A Pirate Parrrrty! Part 2

Continuing the Pirate theme, we started with the basics. Now let’s look at another aspect of a Pirate Theme:

Maps, Treasures & Grog: Invites, Decor & Drinks.


Let us share some treasure troves of resources for pirate stuff!


Design & print at home, or be a modern pirate and email these!


If Pinterest doesn’t make your head spin, you could start there. But if you just want to add some flare and keep it classy focus on your dinner or buffet table, if you want fancy schmancy event talk, we say “tablescape”:

-Baskets  or vases of tropical fruit like pineapple, mango & coconut. Starfruit also looks great if you can find some

-Hit the craft stores (or the Dollar Store) for shells,pebbles, and the “plastic jewels” to spread around in clusters around your space!

-Go vintage pirate! Think, 1950’s and 60s pirate movies like this one! Shipwrecks, Tree houses, and Paradise Galore! Pirate name place cards, mini ships “wrecked” onto the pebbles across your table’s bluest linen.

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Well, if you can handle grog  (4 Water or Light Beer to 1 Rum) or limeys (Grog+Lime or Lemon)  you can try that, but if like most aren’t finding those appealing. Try some of these for size:

The Kraken, Black Spiced Rum. Really, try NOT to scream “Release the Krakennnnn” anytime you open this bottle.

Trinidadian Rum Punch, a recipe as simple as 1-2-3-4!

If you’d like something for the folks who won’t be like Jack Sparrow at the end of the night: “why’s the rum’s gone?!” – Offer them some chilled lemon or lime flavoured water, or this Ginger Pineapple Sparkling Punch!




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